Thermophysical Characterization and Phonon Thermal Transport Study of Surface Activated Bonding 4H-SiC

PAM-XIAMEN can supply SiC wafers for bonding applications, more specifications please found in 4H-SiC has a wide bandgap (3.27 eV) and a high critical breakdown field strength (~2.8 MV/cm), making it an ideal semiconductor for manufacturing high-frequency, high-temperature, and high-power electronic devices. At present, epitaxial growth technology is a [...]

Research on Rapid Growth of Crackless AlN Films on Sputtered AlN/Sapphire Surface by Introducing High Density Nano-voids

PAM-XIAMEN can offer sapphire based AlN template, specific parameters can be found in: At present, the main technological path is to prepare AlN based materials and devices through heteroepitaxy on substrates such as sapphire. Obtaining high crystal quality heteroepitaxial AlN based materials is the key to the industrialization technology of [...]

Studio sulla caratterizzazione non distruttiva di cristalli singoli di SiC mediante intelligenza artificiale

SiC wafers are available for high-frequency and high temperature electronic devices, more wafer specifications please see Silicon carbide (SiC) has been widely used in high-voltage, high-frequency, and high-temperature electronic devices due to its excellent electrical properties. However, traditional SiC crystal PVT growth is considered a “blind box”, and crystal [...]

Studio sul meccanismo atomico di inversione spontanea della polarità di AlN cresciuto su zaffiro

PAM-XIAMEN can offer sapphire based AlN template, more specifications please refer to The interface is the foundation of device design and also the core of material growth control. In the 1980s, Japanese scientists achieved the epitaxy of nitride materials for the first time. However, for more than 30 years, there is still [...]

Ricerca su sensori di pressione MEMS basati su 4H-SiC in ambienti estremi

Nei settori dei motori aerospaziali, dello sviluppo geotermico e dell'elettronica automobilistica, esiste una domanda diffusa per la misurazione della pressione in condizioni di temperature estremamente elevate. Per molto tempo, i sensori di pressione dei sistemi microelettromeccanici (MEMS) basati su silicio sono stati ampiamente utilizzati, con i vantaggi della miniaturizzazione e dell'elevata precisione. Tuttavia, l’inerente […]

Studio sul comportamento di diffusione dei metalli di transizione nel wafer SiC

PAM-XIAMEN can offer SiC wafers for researches on diffusion behavior of transition metals, additional specifications please refer to Silicon carbide (SiC) is an important material for developing high-power, high-temperature resistant, and high-frequency switching devices due to its superior performance. In order to achieve high-performance devices, it is necessary to reduce defects [...]

Effetto della radiazione ultravioletta sulla conduttività di AlN

PAM-XIAMEN can provide AlN substrates with various sizes, specifications can be found in Aluminum nitride (AlN) has a 6.1eV ultra wide bandgap, which is attractive for manufacturing high-power and high-voltage electronic products, and also has the potential for deep ultraviolet optoelectronics in the wavelength range of about 200nm. However, broadband gap [...]

Sistema di materiali Bi/SiC promettente per l'effetto Hall di spin quantistico

PAM-XIAMEN can offer SiC substrate for quantum spin hall effect researches, specifications please refer to In quantum spin Hall (QSH) materials, the direction of electron spin is consistent with the direction of motion, making it promising for non dissipative spintronic devices. However, in the currently implemented QSH systems, the [...]

Processo Spin Quantum Bit al carburo di silicio (SiC).

SiC wafers can be supplied for studying spin quantum bit, more sepcifications please found in Quantum computers have the potential to solve some scientific problems that even top supercomputers cannot solve today, and quantum sensors may be able to measure signals that are difficult for the most sensitive sensors [...]

Osservazione ottica dello spin del silicio

PAM-XIAMEN is able to provide you with silicon wafers for optical studies, more please refer to The global quantum internet needs a long-life, telecom band photonic material interface that can be manufactured on a large scale. The preliminary quantum network based on photon matter interfaces that meet these subsets [...]