Silicon Crystal Orientation

The Silicon crystal orientations that we often hear are <100>, <110> and <111>(shown as Fig. 1), respectively indicating a crystallographic family. The single crystal silicon structure belongs to cubic crystals, and the <100> crystal orientation family represents six crystal orientations: [100], [010], [001], [100], [0-10], and [00-1]. Therefore, we rarely hear [...]

Transistore a singolo elettrone al silicio

Single electron transistor (SET) is an important discovery in microelectronics science. Due to the ability to control the tunneling process of a single electron in a micro tunnel junction system, multiple functional devices can be designed using it. In modern submicron devices, the limiting factor for device operation speed is [...]

Analisi delle prestazioni di stoccaggio del composto InSb

Indium antimonide (InSb) compound semiconductor, as a direct bandgap semiconductor material, has low electron effective mass, high mobility, and narrow bandgap width. At low temperatures, InSb compound has a high absorption coefficient for infrared light, with a quantum efficiency greater than or equal to 80%. In terms of mid infrared [...]

Transistor a induzione statica SiC (SIT) *S

Static induction transistor (SIT) is a type of junction field-effect transistor. It is a unipolar voltage control device developed on the basis of ordinary junction field-effect transistors, with three electrodes: active, gate, and drain. Its source drain current is controlled by an external vertical electric field on the gate. SIT transistor is [...]

Filtro al silicio

With the development of miniaturization and single-chip devices, the integration of active and passive circuits is the trend. Conventional filters have become the bottleneck for miniaturization and single-chip of microwave and millimeter wave devices due to their large size (especially in the millimeter wave frequency band), and only chip [...]

Wafer del fotorilevatore InGaAs/InP MUTC (MUTC-PD).

Terahertz (THz) wave generation technology is widely used in fields such as terahertz sensing, safety imaging, non-destructive material testing, and high-speed terahertz wireless data communication. Optical heterodyne is a method of achieving continuous tunable terahertz wave emission by mixing beat frequency signals of two laser modes with different wavelengths [...]

Wafer SiC 3C

Compared to 4H-SiC, although the bandgap of 3C silicon carbide (3C SiC) is lower, its carrier mobility, thermal conductivity, and mechanical properties are better than those of 4H-SiC. Moreover, the defect density at the interface between the insulating oxide gate and 3C-SiC is lower, which is more conducive to manufacturing high-voltage, [...]

Photonics Epitaxial Wafers

With the continuous evolution of optical telecommunication and opto-electronics device applications towards high speed and high performance, we are closely following market demand in photonics epitaxial wafers for high-speed and high-end optoelectronic applications. PAM-XIAMEN can provide a series of compound semiconductor based photonics epitaxial wafers, which can be used as key optoelectronic chip [...]

SiC BJT Wafer *S

SiC wafer can be used to manufacture BJT (bipolar junction transistor) devices with low conduction resistance and high blocking voltage up to tens of kilovolts. For applications with a blocking voltage of 4.5kV and higher, bipolar SiC power devices will have more practical application value than unipolar SiC power devices. Compared with most field-effect [...]

SiC MESFET Epitaxial Wafer *S

MESFET (Metal-Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor) is a field-effect transistor composed of Schottky barrier gates. SiC microwave MESFET was developed between 1995 and 2002 to replace GaAs microwave field effect transistors (FETs). There are three types of substrate materials used conductive substrate (n+- SiC), high-purity semi insulating substrate (SI SiC), or insulating substrate [...]