¿Cómo cultiva PAM-XIAMEN las obleas epitaxiales LED de GaN?

Gallium Nitride (GaN) is the basic material of blue LED and has important applications in LED and ultraviolet laser. PAM-XIAMEN can epitaxially grow GaN wafers for LED and LD. For more wafer specification please visit: How do we grow GaN LED epiwafer on sapphire? Please click the link to watch [...]

Cultivo de obleas de silicio para la fabricación de fotodetectores

Monocrystalline silicon is widely used in microelectronic applications due to its low cost, mature manufacturing process, high carrier mobility, and long-term stability. And the growing silicon wafers applied in optoelectronic applications, such as photodetector, takes up a small portion. Monocrystalline silicon has a good response to light in the [...]

Oblea de diodo láser de 1300 nm

PAM-XIAMEN can provide InP laser structure with InAlGaAs quantum well for 1300nm lasers. InGaAsP / InP and AlGaInAs / InP quantum well material systems have become the most widely used gain media. Compare with InGaAsP / InP material, AlGalnAs / InP has larger conduction band offset than InGaAsP / InP material, so it can more effectively prevent the leakage of streamers under high temperature [...]

obleas de SiC de 200 mm

Silicon carbide (SiC) single crystals are at the forefront of the silicon carbide industry chain, and are the foundation and key to the development of the high-end chip industry. The larger the SiC substrate size, the more chips can be manufactured on per unit substrate, and the smaller the edge waste, [...]

Epitaxia de película delgada de AlGaAs para chips fotónicos integrados

GaAs is a typical III-V direct bandgap semiconductor material with excellent optoelectronic properties and high mobility, making it suitable for the production of high-speed RF devices. GaAs can also form quantum well structures with GaAlAs, further improving the performance of light-emitting devices (low threshold current, narrow linewidth). The GaAs/GaAIAs [...]

Oblea SiC Epi para condensador MOS

Due to its excellent electrical, thermal, and radiation resistance, silicon carbide has become a potential material for applications in high-frequency, high-power, and strong radiation environments. MOS capacitors are an important means of studying semiconductor surfaces and interfaces, as well as the basic structure of MOSFETs. Therefore, systematic research on [...]

Oblea policristalina de GaAs

Semiconductor GaAs materials are mainly used in optical communication active devices, semiconductor light emitting diodes (LEDs), high-efficiency solar cells, and Hall devices. Moreover, GaAs optoelectronic devices have important applications in household appliances, industrial instruments, large screen displays, office automation equipment, traffic management, etc. To grow GaAs single crystals, GaAs [...]

Heteroestructura InGaN / GaN

III-nitrides are mainly composed of InN-GaN-AlN and its alloys, of which InGaN is the most important and widely used. InGaN is unstable and easy to decompose at high temperature. The separated phase InN can form small clusters with three-dimensional quantum confinement, which strengthens the carrier confinement and improves the [...]

En As Heteroepitaxia

InAs heteroepitaxial layer grown on GaAs (100) substrate is very meaningful in the field of optoelectronics, especially in the field of infrared detectors and lasers. InAs has some potential characteristics, such as high electron mobility and narrow energy gap, and many metals can be used as ohmic contacts of [...]

Material de germanio de cristal único de 8 pulgadas

Single crystal germanium (Ge) material is an important hard and brittle infrared optical material, belonging to indirect transition semiconductor with high hole mobility and electron mobility. It is widely used in aerospace, high-frequency ultra-high frequency electronics, optical fiber communication, infrared optics, solar cells and other fields. PAM-XIAMEN can offer [...]