Plantilla de película fina de GaN sobre zafiro (Al2O3)

Epitaxial GaN template grown on Al2O3 (sapphire) substrate and customizable stacks are available with high quality and low defect density. Attached are a list of several types of GaN thin film on sapphire substrate wafers with different thicknesses, carrier types, and capping layers that we manufactured: 1. Specifications of GaN [...]

Crecimiento de GaAsSb / InGaAs Tipo-II Superlattice

GaAsSb / InGaAs / InP heterostructure is provided by epi-structure MBE grower PAM-XIAMEN for optical sensor fabrication. The gallium arsenide antimonide (GaAsSb) lattice constant is completely matched with the lattice constant of InP substrate, so it is easy for epitaxial growth on InP substrate with good uniformity. The response [...]

Epitaxia de estructura LED de GaN sobre sustrato de zafiro plano o PSS

GaN LED structure grown on nano-scale patterned sapphire (Al2O3) substrate can be provided with high efficiency of photoluminescence and electroluminescence. However, because of the high customization of the epitaxial process in the InGaN/GaN-quantum wells based LED heterostructure, we cannot get the optimal solution for patterned sapphire substrates. The design [...]

Estructura de Epi basada en GaAs MOCVD cultivada para emisor de luz

High quality GaAs based epistructures from PAM-XIAMEN – one of leading epitaxial wafer manufacturers are provided for the research, development and (potentially) later commercialization of very high efficiency light emitters for thermophotonic applications. In particular, commercially available GaAs based epi structure materials are offered long (up to micro second [...]

Pozos en forma de V a nanoescala en pozos multicuánticos de InGaN / GaN

GaN-based light-emitting diode (LED) solid-state lighting has become the most important lighting technology in recent years because it has many advantages such as high conversion efficiency, long life, and eco-friendliness. Due to the lack of natural GaN substrates, GaN-based LED structures are usually fabricated on (0001) c-plane sapphire substrates. [...]

Formación de hoyos en forma de V en películas de nitruro producidas por la deposición de vapor químico metalorgánico

Hyung Koun Cho∗ Department of Metallurgical Engineering, Dong-A University, Busan    604-714 Jeong Yong Lee Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Daejon   305-701 We have investigated the formation of V-shaped pits in nitride films such as InGaN/GaN and AlGaN/GaN grown on sapphire substrate using transmission electron microscopy. The [...]

Oblea GaAs pHEMT Epi

PAM-XIAMEN can offer AlGaAs / GaAs p-HEMT (pseudomorphic high electron mobility transistor) heterostructure epitaxial wafer grown by MBE or MOCVD process. The heterostructure has a high-mobility conduction channel formed by two-dimensional electron gas, which is an ideal material for wireless applications. The line width of our GaAs pHEMT process [...]

Servicio de Nanofabricación

PAM-XIAMEN, one of leading nanofabrication companies, has formed a compatible management system of multi-material, multi-user, multi-device, multi-process after years of exploration. The details as follows: * Multi-Material We can process multiple materials: Si, III-V semiconductor, glass, ceramic; – Can process wafers of 6 inches and below, compatible with irregular small pieces; – Can [...]

Servicio de procesamiento de obleas

PAM-XIAMEN participates in the design and processing of MEMS and compound semiconductor GaAs microwave integrated circuit (GaAs MMIC) devices, and focuses on the research, development, production and service of micro-nano sensors, micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS), micro-nano manufacturing and compound semiconductor GaAs chips. We are a high-tech enterprise offering wafer processing [...]