Tin tức

High Voltage Power Supply

PAMDPU-1000-01 is a direct current power supply unit in low ripple, low thermal drift and long- term stability. It can supply power to probe in nuclear detection field and others. 1. High Voltage Power Supply Specification Input AC220V/50Hz Output HV DC 0~500V/0~1000V;         LV DC +12V/2W、-12V/1W Alternative current 2A Ripple voltage 10ppm (at rated voltage output) The voltage display Accuracy = [...]

Mặt nạ quang khắc

Photolithography chrome masks are for sale. According to the different substrate materials, it can be divided into quartz mask, soda mask and others (including relief plate, film), etc. Among them, the photomask on quartz substrate and soda lime are commonly used lithography masks in universities and research institutes. More [...]

Chromium Photomask Blank

Photomask blank with antireflective chromium is available. Photomasks are mainly used in integrated circuits, flat panel displays (including LCD, LED, OLED), printed circuit boards and other fields. The photomask is a pattern master used in the photolithography process in microelectronics manufacturing. Here are specifications of photo mask blank for [...]

Chrome Photomask

Chrome photomask is available for transferring high-precision circuit design. The photomask is the pattern film in the chip manufacturing process, and is one of the determined factors for chip accuracy and quality. More specifications please see as follows: No.1 5 inch Chrome Mask Plate (PAM180119-MASKW) Material Soda Lime Mask Blanks Size 5 inch Thickness ~0.06 inch Glass [...]

Si MEMS Wafer Grown bởi FZ

FZ grown high-resistance silicon wafer is offered by PAM-XIAMEN for the fabrication of MEMS (Micro-electro Mechanical System). Silicon wafer is the common material for manufacturing integrated circuits in consumer electronics. Due to the availability and competitive price with high quality of silicon material, it is very attractive for MEMS [...]

Heterojunction AlGaAs / GaAs PIN Epitaxial Wafer

A 3-inch GaAs epitaxial wafer can be provided for making a PIN diode chip, which can make a power electronic device with high isolation and low insertion loss. A heterojunction AlGaAs/GaAs PIN wafer makes the diode with low RF on-state resistance suitable for fabricating various broadband switches. And these switches [...]

Narrow InGaAsP Quantum Well Grown on InP Wafer

The structures of InxGa1-xAs1-yPy (indium gallium arsenide phosphide) quantum well epitaxially grown on InP substrate can be purchased or customized from PAM-XIAMEN. By adjusting the composition of x and y, the coverage wavelength range is from 870nm (GaAs) to 3.5um (InAs), which includes the optical fiber communication wavelengths of [...]