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Lớp nền GaAs 6 inch không pha tạp chất, lớp chính & lớp cơ học

PAM-XIAMEN supplies 6 inch undoped GaAs substrates, which are prime grade and mechanical grade grown by VGF. For wafer details, please view specifications listed below: 1. Prime Grade Undoped GaAs PAM220704-GaAs-Un Parameter GaAs-Un-6in-625um-PP UOM Growth method VGF   Grade Prime grade (Epi-ready)   Dopant Undoped   Orientation (100) ±0.5°   Orientation Angle N/A ° Diameter 150.0±0.2 mm Thickness 625±25 or 675±25 um Notch [010] ± 2°   Notch Depth 1.00-1.25 mm Notch Angle 89-95 ° CC N/A /cm3 [email protected] 22°C ≥1E8 ohm·cm Mobility [...]

Khắc đẳng hướng và khắc dị hướng của Silicon Wafer

PAM-XIAMEN can provide etching silicon wafer in P type and N type, more specifications please see: https://www.powerwaywafer.com/silicon-wafer/etching-wafer.html. The etching of silicon wafers is divided into isotropy and anisotropy, shown as Fig. 1. Isotropy etching means that the etching rate of silicon in all directions is the same during the etching process, and the etching result is [...]

Làm thế nào để làm sạch bánh xốp silicon (Si)?

As the basis for making photovoltaic cells and integrated circuits, silicon wafer cleaning is very important. The effect of cleaning directly affects the final performance, efficiency and stability of photovoltaic cells and integrated circuits. Cleaning the silicon wafer not only removes impurities on the surface of the silicon wafer [...]

Đôi điều về Chất bán dẫn Nội tại và Ngoại tại

There are three basic types of semiconductor materials: intrinsic semiconductors, extrinsic semiconductors, also known as impurity semiconductors. Both types of semiconductor materials can be supplied by PAM-XIAMEN. 1. What Is Intrinsic Semiconductor? Intrinsic semiconductor refers to a pure semiconductor that is completely free of impurities and lattice defects, and generally such [...]

Kiểm soát độ sâu kích thước nano của các vị trí tuyển dụng silicon nông được cấy ghép trong silicon cacbua

We are an expert of semiconductor wafers in semiconductor industry, and we offer technology support and wafers selling for thousands of univerisities and industrial customers by our decades experience, including Cornell University, Stanford Univeristy, Peking University, Shandong Univerity, university of south carolina, Caltech Faraon lab (USA) ,University of Califomia, [...]

Tại sao cần pha loãng Wafer?

From the perspective of the cross-sectional structure of integrated circuits, most integrated circuits are fabricated on the shallow surface layer of the silicon base material. Due to the requirements of the manufacturing process, high requirements are placed on the dimensional accuracy, geometric accuracy, surface cleanliness and surface micro lattice [...]

Chamfer trong Wafer bán dẫn là gì?

Chamfer is to grind away the sharp edges and corners around the wafer. Its purpose is to make the mechanical strength of the wafer bigger prevent the wafer edge from cracking, to prevent damage caused by thermal stress, and to increase the flatness of the epitaxial layer and the [...]