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Nghiên cứu về Dopant và sự bù đắp của AlN

PAM-XIAMEN can supply AlN single crystal substrate, additional specification please refer to https://www.powerwaywafer.com/aln-substrate.html. The main n-type AlN candidate dopants are oxygen (O) and silicon (Si), while for p-type AlN, they are magnesium (Mg) and beryllium (Be). So far, the success rate of Mg and O doping has been very low. [...]

Giảm vết rỗ bề mặt của Epiwafer 4H-SiC

PAM-XIAMEN can supply SiC epitaxial wafers, more wafer specifications please read: https://www.powerwaywafer.com/sic-wafer/sic-epitaxy.html. Although SiC epitaxial wafers exhibit excellent characteristics in high-voltage and high current devices, there are still several types of defects that have a negative impact on the electrical performance of SiC devices. Among them, surface pits have an impact [...]

Thiệt hại dưới bề mặt 4H-SiC

Semiconductor silicon carbide (4H SiC) has excellent properties such as wide bandgap, high breakdown field strength, high electron mobility, high thermal conductivity, and good chemical stability. It has demonstrated important application potential in fields such as power electronics, radio frequency microwave, and quantum information. The 4H-SiC substrate is the [...]

Ảnh hưởng của tinh thể hạt đến sự phát triển của tinh thể SiC

PAM-XIAMEN can supply SiC seed crystal for single crystal growth, specific parameters can be found in: https://www.powerwaywafer.com/sic-seed-crystal.html Seed crystals have a significant influence on the initial nucleation of crystals. The surface morphology of the crystal nucleation stage can to some extent reflect the rich information of crystal growth mechanism and crystal defect distribution, and [...]

Sc Doping trong nhôm Nitride (AlN)

Aluminum nitride (AlN) is a widely used III-V group nitride with a hexagonal wurtzite structure in the field of acoustic electronic devices. It has a large direct bandgap (bandgap of 6.2 eV), is compatible with CMOS technology, and has high thermal conductivity. In addition, aluminum nitride thin films have [...]

Mật độ khuyết tật ảnh hưởng đến cơ học của chất nền 4H-SiC như thế nào?

PAM-XIAMEN can supply SiC substrates with various specifications, please get more info from: https://www.powerwaywafer.com/sic-wafer/sic-wafer-substrate.html 1. Significance of Research on Correlation Between Defect Rate and Mechanical Strength It is well known that SiC defects have great negative impact to the electrical reliability and performance of chips; Their impact on the mechanical yield [...]

Tạp chất và nhiệt độ định hình lại điện trở suất của tinh thể silicon như thế nào?

Silicon wafers can be supplied with specifications as found in: https://www.powerwaywafer.com/silicon-wafer Silicon is a semiconductor material, and its resistivity is closely related to the doping concentration. Doping is that introducing a small amount of impurities into silicon crystals to alter their electrical properties. According to the requirements of conductivity type and [...]