Product Tag - Silica Wafer

  • Float-Zone Mono-Crystalline Silicon

    PAM-XIAMEN can offer float zone silicon wafer, which is obtained by Float Zone method. Monocrystalline silicon rods is got through float zone growth, and then process the monocrystalline silicon rods into silicon wafers, called float zone silicon wafers. Since the zone-melted silicon wafer is not in contact with the quartz crucible during the floating zone silicon process, the silicon material is in a suspended state. Thereby, it is less polluted during the process of floating zone melting of silicon. The carbon content and oxygen content are lower, the impurities are less, and the resistivity is higher. It is suitable for the manufacture of power devices and certain high-voltage electronic devices.

  • Test Wafer Monitor Wafer Dummy Wafer

    As a dummy wafer manufacturer, PAM-XIAMEN offers silicone dummy wafer / test wafer / monitor wafer, which is used in a production device to improve safety in the beginning of production process and are used for delivery check and evaluation of process form. As dummy silicon wafers are often used for experiment and test, size and thickness thereof are important factors in most occasions. 100mm, 150mm, 200mm, or 300mm dummy wafer is available.