Wafer Fabrication

PAM-XIAMEN Offers wafer foundry services along with photoresist plate with photoresist and photomask, and provide Nanolithography (photolithography):
Surface preparation, Photoresist apply, Soft bake, Alignment, Exposure, Development,Hard bake, Develop inspect, Etch, Photoresist removal(strip), Final inspection.

  • Wafer Foundry Services

    PAM-XIAMEN provides wafer foundry services with advanced semiconductor process technology and benefit from our upstream experiences of substrate and wafer expaxy, 

    PAM-XIAMEN is to be the most advanced wafer technology and foundry services for fabless companies,IDMs and researchers.


  • Nanofabrication Photoresist

    PAM-XIAMEN Offers photoresist plate with photoresist

  • Photo Mask

    PAM-XIAMEN Offers Photomasks

    A photo mask is a thin coating of masking material supported by a thicker substrate, and the masking material absorbs light to varying degrees and can be patterned with a custom design. The pattern is used to modulate light and transfer the pattern through the process of photolithography which is the fundamental process used to build almost all of today’s digital devices.