Wafer Characterization Analysis

Testing Project: Surface roughness

Testing Project: Surface roughness Surface roughness is usually shortened to roughness and is a component of surface texture. It is quantified by the deviation of the normal vector direction of the real surface from its ideal form. If these deviations are large, the surface is rough; If they’re small, the [...]

Testing project: type

Testing project:  type Non-intrinsic semiconductors doped with electron donor atoms are called n-type semiconductors because most of the charge carriers in the crystal are negative electrons. The electron acceptor dopant is an atom that receives electrons from the lattice, producing empty Spaces in which electrons should be called holes that [...]

Testing project: Resistivity

Testing project:  Resistivity  Resistivity (also known as resistivity, specific or volumetric resistivity) is the basic property of quantifying the strength of a given material against current flow. A low resistivity indicates a material that allows current to flow easily. The resistivity is usually written in the Greek alphabet, rho. SI [...]

Testing project: micropipe density

Testing project:  micropipe density Micropipe are crystalline defects in a single crystal substrate. Today, it is widely used in SiC substrates used in a variety of industries, such as power semiconductor devices for vehicles and high frequency communications devices. However, during the production of these materials, the crystals undergo internal and [...]

Testing project: TTV/WARP/BOW:

Testing project: TTV/WARP/BOW: A wafer flatness is measured by TTV/WARP/BOW, low value shows better wafer flatness, and the epi wafer would be better quality and wafer flatness, therefore its measurement is necessary. Test equipment:  Polarizing microscope Test Standard:   GB/T 30867-2014;GB/T 6620-2009. Test result:  μm(micron)

Testing project: Thickness

Testing project: Thickness Wafer thickness uniformity and tolerance are measured for each wafer and shipment. Test equipment:  Thickness measuring instrument Test Standard: Test result: 150um~1.5mm  

testing project: Orientation

testing project: Orientation Wafers are grown from crystals with regular crystal structure. When a wafer is cut, the surface is aligned in one of several relative directions called crystal orientation. Orientation is defined by the miller index, where (0001) or (0001)4deg. surfaces are the most common surfaces in silicon carbide. [...]