GaN HEMT Epitaxial Wafer

GaN Wafer

PAM-XIAMEN offers Gallium Nitride wafer substrate for UHB-LED,Gallium Nitride wafer,LD and other semiconductor devices.

SiC Wafer Substrate (Silicon Carbide)

SiC Wafer

Silicon Carbide(SiC) Wafers PAM-XIAMEN offers Silicon Carbide crytal wafers and epitaxy,which is used for Optoelectronic Devices,High Power Devices,High Temperature Devices,High Frequency Power Devices

GaAs Wafer

GaAs Wafer

PAM-XIAMEN offers Gallium Arsenide wafer substrate and epitaxy for LED,LD and Microelectronics applications

GaSb Wafer

Compound Semiconductor

PAM-XIAMEN offers Indium Semiconductor Wafer: InSb, InP, InAs, GaSb, GaP

Ge(Germanium) Single Crystals and Wafers

Germanium Wafer

PWAM offers semiconductor materials,(Ge)Germanium Single Crystals and Wafers grown by VGF / LEC


CdZnTe Wafer

Cadmium Zinc Telluride (CdZnTe or CZT) is a new semiconductor

wafer product

Silicon Wafer

PAM-XIAMEN offers silicon wafer: FZ wafer, Test Wafer Monitor Wafer Dummy Wafer, Test Wafer,CZ wafer, epitaxial wafer, polished wafer, etching wafer.

wafer product


PAM-XIAMEN Offers photoresist plate with photoresist and photomask, and provide Nanolithography (photolithography):Surface preparation, Photoresist apply, Soft bake, Alignment, Exposure, Development,Hard bake, Develop inspect, Etch, Photoresist removal(strip), Final inspection.