GaAs PN Diodes with Heavily Carbon-Doped P-Type GaAs Grown by MOMBE

GaAs pn diodes with heavily carbon-doped p-type GaAs grown by MOMBE were fabricated. The I-V and C-V characteristics were not significantly affected by the hole concentration of the p-GaAs although a lattice mismatch at the junction generates misfit dislocations. A good I-V characteristic with the ideality factor of 1.3 [...]

From graphene to silicon carbide: ultrathin silicon carbide flakes

This study presents a new ultrathin SiC structure prepared by a catalyst free carbothermal method and post-sonication process. We have found that merging ultra-light 3D graphene foam and SiO together at high temperature leads to the formation of a complex SiC structure consisting of 3D SiC foam covered with [...]

Electrical Characterization of GaN p–n Junctions Grown on Freestanding GaN Substrates by Metal–Organic Chemical Vapor Deposition

The electrical characteristics of GaN p–n junctions grown on freestanding GaN substrates by metal–organic chemical vapor deposition were investigated. The current–voltage (I–V) characteristics of the GaN p–n diode showed relatively low values and, little temperature dependence of the reverse leakage current. The breakdown voltage of the GaN p–n diode [...]

Fabrication of Ge-on-insulator wafers by Smart-CutTM with thermal management for undamaged donor Ge wafers

Newly engineered substrates consisting of semiconductor-on-insulator are gaining much attention as starting materials for the subsequent transfer of semiconductor nanomembranes via selective etching of the insulating layer. Germanium-on-insulator substrates are critically important because of the versatile applications of Ge nanomembranes (Ge NMs) toward electronic and optoelectronic devices. Among various [...]

Lattice Bending in LEC-Grown Semi-Insulating GaAs Wafers

Lattice bending in LEC-grown semi-insulating GaAs crystal wafers was investigated by X-ray diffraction. Various distributions in the lattice bending were observed in wafers from different boules. Prominent bends, with radii of curvature of about 20 m, were observed at places where the relevant topographs showed the presence of fine [...]