Gallium Nitride (GaN) HEMTs (High Electron Mobility Transistors) are the next generation of RF power transistor technology. Thanks to GaN technology, PAM-XIAMEN now offer AlGaN/GaN HEMT Epi Wafer on sapphire or Silicon, and AlGaN/GaN on sapphire template.

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GaN HEMT epitaxial wafer is a multilayer film grown epitaxially on a substrate, which usually includes a nucleation layer, a transition layer, a buffer layer, a channel layer, a barrier layer, a cap layer, and a passivation layer from bottom to top. The nucleation layer, like AlGaN or AlN, is used to prevent the substrate material from diffusing into the GaN epitaxial layer. The transition layer may contain hierarchical AlGaN, AlN/GaN superlattice or multilayer AlN to balance the stress between the GaN and the substrate. The higher the Al content in the barrier layer of AlGaN, the higher the 2DEG concentration at the heterojunction. Meanwhile, the lower the threshold voltage of the device, and the higher the current capacity. As the Al ratio increasing, the degree of heterogeneous crystal lattice mismatch will be higher, resulting in a decrease in gallium nitride HEMT electron mobility and a decrease in current capacity.

The High Electron Mobility Transistor (HEMT) is developed based on GaN with unique heterostructure and two-dimensional electron gas. The GaN HEMT advantages include high breakdown strength, low on-resistance and faster The switching speed, which is very suitable for medium and low voltage and medium and small power systems, such as travel adapters, wireless chargers, AC-DC converters, smart home appliances, etc. The epitaxial wafer with HEMT structure is more attractive currently for high-frequency converters, in which GaN HEMT breakdown voltage is 600~650 V. With the rapid development of gallium nitride HEMT epi technology, the price of GaN HEMT devices will be competitive, which can gain large GaN HEMT market for GaN HEMT manufacturers. Moreover, due to the gallium nitride HEMT reliability, it can be widely used in industrial fields, such as photovoltaic inverters, energy storage systems, and electric vehicles.

1. GaN HEMT Material: Available size:2”,4”,6”,8”:

More specific parameters of gallium nitride HEMT wafer for D-mode GaN HEMTs, E-mode GaN HEMTs, GaN HEMT power amplifier and RF, please refer to:

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2. Now we show you an example as follows:

2.1  2 "(50.8ミリメートル)のGaN HEMTエピタキシャルウェーハ

We offer 2″(50.8mm) gallium nitride HEMT Wafers, the GaN HEMT structure is as follows:



Al x Ga 1-x N(18〜40nmプロセス)





2.2 AlGaN/GaN HEMT Epi Wafer on sapphire/GaN

レイヤ# 組成 厚さ X ドーパント キャリア濃度
5 GaN系 2nmの
4 AlxGa1–xN 8nmの 0.26
3 AlNの 1nmの アンドープ
2 GaN系 ≥1000NM アンドープ
1 バッファ/遷移層
基板 シリコン 350μm/625μm

2.3  2″(50.8mm),4″ (100mm)AlGaN/GaN HEMT Epi Wafer on Si

2.3.1 Specifications for Aluminium Gallium Nitride (AlGaN) / Gallium Nitride (GaN系)高電子移動度トランジスタ(HEMT)シリコン基板上に。

要件 仕様
Si基板上のAlGaN / GaN HEMTエピウエハ  
AlGaN / GaN HEMT構造 1.2を参照してください。
基板材料 シリコン
方向付け <111>
成長方法 ゾーンフロート
伝導型 PまたはN
サイズ(インチ) 2” 、4”
厚み(μm) 625
裏側 ラフ
抵抗率(Ω-cm)の >6000
ボウ(ミクロン) ≤±35

2.3.2 Epi structure: Crack-free Epilayers

レイヤ# 組成 厚さ X ドーパント キャリア濃度
5 GaN系 2nmの
4 AlxGa1–xN 8nmの 0.26
3 AlNの 1nmの アンドープ
2 GaN系 ≥1000NM アンドープ
1 バッファ/遷移層
基板 シリコン 350μm/625μm

2.3.3 Electrical Properties of the AlGaN/GaN HEMT structure

2DEG移動度(AT 300 K):≥1,800cm 2で/ Vsで

2DEGシートキャリア濃度(AT 300 K):≥0.9×10 13 CM-2


2.4  2″(50.8mm)AlGaN/GaN on sapphire

[email protected]:サファイアテンプレート上のAlGaN / GaNの仕様については、弊社営業部までお問い合わせください。

GaN HEMT Applications: Used in blue laser diodes, ultraviolet LEDs (down to 250 nm), and AlGaN/GaN HEMTs device.

3. Explanation of AlGaN/Al/GaN HEMTs:

窒化物HEMTが集中高周波増幅および電力スイッチング用途におけるハイパワーエレクトロニクスのために開発されています。 ゲート信号がパルス化されたときに、たとえば、オン電流が崩壊 - HEMTを切り替えたとき、多くの場合、DC動作で高い性能が失われます。 このような効果は、そのマスク電流の流れの上にゲートの影響をトラップを充電するのに関係していると考えられています。 ソース電極およびゲート電極にフィールドプレートは、電流コラプス現象を軽減、デバイス内の電場を操作するために使用されてきました。

4. GaN EpitaxialTechnology — Customized GaN epitaxy on SiC,Si and Sapphire substrate for HEMTs, LEDs:

GAN HEMTエピタキシャルウェーハ(GAN-EPIウェハ)

PAM XIAMEN Offers Epitaxial growth of AlGaN/GaN based HEMT on Si wafers

5. GaN Device:



6. Test Characterization Equipment:

Contactless Sheet Resistance

Laser Thin Film Thickness Mapping

High Temp/High Humidity Reverse Bias

Thermal Shock

DIC Nomarski Microscope

Atomic Force Microscope (AFM)

Surface Defectivity Scan

High Temp Reverse Bias

4PP Sheet Resistance

Contactless Hall Mobility

Temperature Cycle

X-ray Diffraction (XRD)/Reflectance (XRR)

Ellipsometer Thickness


CV Tester

7. Foundry Fabrication:

we also offer foundry GaN HEMT fabrication in the following process as follows:

MOCVD Epitaxy

Metal Sputtering/E-Beam

Dry/Wet Metal/Dielectric Etch

Thin Film PECVD/LPCVD/Sputtering

RTA/Furnace Annealing

Photolithography (0.35um min. CD)

Ion Implantation

GaN/SiC HEMT epi-wafers

Aluminium gallium arsenide epi wafer

650V GaN FETs Chip for Fast Charge

GaN MOSFET Structure:

GaN MOSFET Structure on SiC Substrate

More about GaN HEMT structures, please read:

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