Multi-pixel Spectral Imaging Module

Multi-pixel Spectral Imaging Module

PAM-256 multi-pixel energy spectrum imaging module is composed of one or several imaging unit. The CZT imaging unit is made of 16×16 pixel detector. With back-end ASIC, it can detect energy ranges from 10KeV~700KeV, fully satisfied γcamera and SPECT.

Multi-pixel Spectral Imaging Module

Direct splice: The module has a time sequence interface and a bias circuit. Added with FPGA, ADC and layout circuit, it will readout.
Indirect using: Systemize the module and design for special environment.
Splicing methods: USE TCP/IP or USB interface.

1. CZT Imaging Module Specification


CZT dimension 25.4×25.4×5mm3
Pixel size 1.5×1.5mm2
Pixel array 16×16
Energy resolution 90%pixels<6.5%@122KeV 25℃
Parameter configuration SPI interface parameter configuration
Signal readout All pixels can be read out at the same time
Interface Dasisy-chained
Detection range 20KeV~700MeV
Power 240mW/module
Module dimension 25.5×25.5×30mm3
Defective pixel <6 pixels/module
Splicing 360° splicing with none-blind area


2. Multi-pixel Energy Spectrum Imaging Module Spectrum & Structure










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