• GaN Templates

    PAM-XIAMEN’s Template Products consist of crystalline layers of (gallium nitride)GaN templates, (aluminum nitride)AlN template,(aluminum gallium nitride) AlGaN templates and (indium gallium nitride) InGaN templates, which are deposited on sapphire
  • GaN based LED Epitaxial Wafer

    PAM-XIAMEN’s GaN(gallium nitride)-based LED epitaxial wafer is for ultra high brightness blue and green light emitting diodes (LED) and laser diodes (LD) application.

  • GaN HEMT Epitaxial Wafer

    Gallium Nitride (GaN) HEMTs (High Electron Mobility Transistors) are the next generation of RF power transistor technology. Thanks to GaN technology, PAM-XIAMEN now offer AlGaN/GaN HEMT Epi Wafer on sapphire or Silicon, and AlGaN/GaN on sapphire template.

  • SiC Wafer Substrate

    The company has a complete SiC(silicon carbide) wafer substrate production line integrating crystal growth, crystal processing, wafer processing, polishing, cleaning and testing. Nowadays we supply commercial 4H and 6H SiC wafers with semi insulation and conductivity in on-axis or off-axis, available size:5x5mm2,10x10mm2, 2”,3”,4” and 6”,  breaking through key technologies such as defect suppression, seed crystal processing and rapid growth, promoting basic research and development related to silicon carbide epitaxy, devices, etc.


  • SiC Epitaxy

    We provide custom thin film (silicon carbide)SiC epitaxy on 6H or 4H substrates for the development of silicon carbide devices. SiC epi wafer is mainly used for Schottky diodes, metal-oxide semiconductor field-effect transistors, junction field effect
  • SiC Wafer Reclaim

    PAM-XIAMEN is able to offer the following SiC reclaim wafer services.

  • SIC Application

    Due to SiC physical and electronic properties,Silicon Carbide based device are well suitable for short wavelength optoelectronic, high temperature, radiation resistant, and high-power/high-frequency electronic devices,compared with Si and GaAs device