6″ FZ Prime Silicon Wafer

6″ FZ Prime Silicon Wafer

PAM XIAMEN offers 6″FZ Prime Silicon Wafer.

Silicon wafers, per SEMI Prime,
P/E 6″ {150.0±0.5mm}Ø×1,000±25µm,
FZ p-type Si:B[111]±0.5°, Ro > 5,000 Ohmcm,
One-side-polished, Particles: <10@≥0.3µm,
back-side etched, One SEMI Flat (57.5mm), Edges: rounded,
Sealed in Empak or equivalent cassette,
BOW<30µm, MCCLifetime>1000µs.

For more information, please visit our website: https://www.powerwaywafer.com,
send us email at sales@powerwaywafer.com and powerwaymaterial@gmail.com

Found in 1990, Xiamen Powerway Advanced Material Co., Ltd (PAM-XIAMEN) is a leading manufacturer of semiconductor material in China. PAM-XIAMEN develops advanced crystal growth and epitaxy technologies, manufacturing processes, engineered substrates and semiconductor devices. PAM-XIAMEN’s technologies enable higher performance and lower cost manufacturing of semiconductor wafer.

PAM-XIAMEN develops advanced crystal growth and epitaxy technologies, range from the first generation Germanium wafer, second generation Gallium Arsenide with substrate growth and epitaxy on III-V silicon doped n-type semiconductor materials based on Ga, Al, In, As and P grown by MBE or MOCVD, to the third generation: Silicon carbide and Gallium Nitride for LED and power device application.

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