Charge Sensitive Pre-amplifier

Charge Sensitive Pre-amplifier

PAM-01A is a single channel preamplifier. It can be used as a key part for semiconductor detector, including CZT and Si, or others, including scintillator and gas.

Charge Sensitive Pre-amplifier

1. Charge Sensitive Pre-amplifier Specification

Power Consumption <0.43W
Power ±12V
Output Resistance 50 Ω
Equivalent Noise ENC:  130e–
Working temperature -20℃-+40℃
Falling edge time 250 ~ 400us
Input charge range <1000fc
Gain G=10mv/fc
Dimension 100×76×44mm3
Weight 265g

2. Charge Sensitive Preamp Spectrum










3. Features of Single Channel Preamplifier

Portable, user friendly
High sensitivity
Flexible interface
Low noise


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