SrTiO3 single crystal-4

SrTiO3 single crystal-4

PAM XIAMEN offers SrTiO3 single crystal.

SrTiO3 single crystal provides a good lattice match to most of  materials with Perovskite structure.  It is an excellent substrate for epitaxial film of HTS and many oxide. It has been used widely for special optical windows and as high quality sputtering target.  PAM XIAMEN has the full production line to manufacture first the high purity SrTiO3 powder, then the single crystal boules and finally the epi-polished substrates in many sizes. This allows us to provide SrTiO3 single crystal products with the highest quality and the lowest price to our customers the world over.

Step SrTiO3

SrTiO3 Substrate with Step Surface & Ti terminated (100) 10x10x0.5mm, 1 SP”

Substrate Specifications

Size:                          10x10x 0.5mm  +/-0.05mm
Orientation:                 0.1º miscut from  (100)  ( +/- 0.1º  from Y and X direction )
Polish:                        One  sides  EPI polished by CMP tecnology with less sub-surface lattice damage
Surface Termination:    TiO2 layer    ( via special etching)
Surface finish (RMS or Ra): <5A

AFM data of the SrTiO3 substrate is shown as the Figures below:

AFM Data of SrTiO3 Substrate with Step Surface & Ti terminated 1

AFM Data of SrTiO3 Substrate with Step Surface & Ti terminated 2-1

AFM Data of SrTiO3 Substrate with Step Surface & Ti terminated 2-2

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