X-ray Photon Counting Imaging System

X-ray Photon Counting Imaging System

PAM-128 is a test system based on CZT photon counting array detector. It integrates four multi-pixel photon counting module and a thermal control system. The energy it can test ranges from 20~160KeV. Its testing resolution is 1.5lp/mm. And it support multi-energy-region test. It can be used in X-ray imaging field, including baggage screening and bone density measurement.

X-ray Photon Counting Imaging System

1. X-ray Photon Counting Imaging System Specification

Power supply DC+5V(1.2W)
Thermal system power supply DC+12V(24W)
Communication Interface USB/Ethemet
Acqisition Frame Rate ≤200FPS(USB)≤2000FPS(TCP/IP)
Energy range 20KeV ~160KeV
linear computation 1Mcps/pixel
Pixel size 0.9×1.8mm2 (Customizable)
Quantity of pixels 128
Energy region 5(Adjustable)
Operation temperature -20℃-+40℃
Dimension 305×210×74


Image example

2. Features of System Based on CZT Photon Counting Array Detector

1. Multi-energy-region photon-counting
2. Extendable


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