1″ silicon wafers

1″ silicon wafers

PAM XIAMEN offers 1″ silicon wafers.
If you don’t see what you need, pleaes email us your specs and quantity.

ItemDiaThickness (um)OrientationTypeDopantResistivity
PAM190225.4mm400um<100>PBANYSSPThickness is: 400+/-100um.
PAM190325.4mm500um<100>ANYSSPWafers have particles. Wafers sold “As-Is”.
PAM190425.4mm280um<111>UndopedUndoped>2000SSPIntrinsic FZ
PAM190525.4mm73.5um<100>UndopedUndoped>5000DSPFZ, Float Zone
PAM190625.4mm500um<100>PB.01-.05DSPNO flats, COMPLETELY round. Minimum Order Quantity 5 wafers.


PAM1907p-type Si:B[100]1″280umP/E0-100 ohm-cmSEMI, 1Flat, Soft cst
PAM1908Intrinsic Si:-[111]1″280umP/EFZ >2000 ohm-cmTest Grade
PAM1909p-type Si:B[100]1″P/EANYTest Grade
PAM1910n-type Si:P[100]1″475 ±10E/EFZ >500 {1,900–2,400}NO Flats, Soft cst
PAM1911n-type Si:P[111] ±0.5°1″280P/PFZ 2,000–10,000NO Flats, TTV<5μm, Soft cst
PAM1912Intrinsic Si:-[100]1″500P/EFZ >20,000SEMI Prime, 1Flat, hard cst
PAM1913Intrinsic Si:-[100]1″160P/PFZ >10,000Prime, NO Flats, hard cst, TTV<8μm
PAM1914Intrinsic Si:-[100]1″160P/PFZ >10,000Prime, NO Flats, hard cst, TTV<8μm
PAM1915Intrinsic Si:-[111] ±0.5°1″500P/PFZ >17,500SEMI Prime, 1Flat, hard cst
PAM1916Intrinsic Si:-[111] ±0.5°1″500P/PFZ >15,000SEMI Prime, 1Flat, hard cst
PAM1917Intrinsic Si:-[111] ±0.5°1″1000P/EFZ 14,000–30,000NO Flats, Soft cst, Cassettes of 7, 6, 6 wafers
PAM1918Intrinsic Si:-[111] ±2°1″27870C/CFZ >10,000Single Crystal Silicon Rod, 0.39″ diameter × 27.87±0.1mm
PAM1919p-type Si:B[510]1″1000P/E1–100 {7.4–7.4}NO Flats, Soft cst
PAM1920p-type Si:B[100]1″100 ±15P/P1–10Prime, NO Flats, in sealed bags of 5 wafers.
PAM1921p-type Si:B[100]24mm300P/E1–100Prime, NO Flats, hard cst
PAM1922p-type Si:B[100]24.3mm300P/E1–10Prime, NO Flats, hard cst
PAM1923p-type Si:B[100]1″300P/E1–10 {2.8–2.9}SEMI Prime, 1Flat, Soft cst
PAM1924p-type Si:B[100]1″300P/E1–10Prime, NO Flats, Soft cst
PAM1925p-type Si:B[100]24.3mm300P/E1–10 {1.5–1.7}Prime, NO Flats, hard cst
PAM1926p-type Si:B[100]1″525 ±10P/E1–30Prime, NO Flats, Soft cst, TTV<5μm, Cassettes of 20 and 8 wafers
PAM1927p-type Si:B[100]1″1000P/E1–30SEMI Prime, 1Flat, hard cst
PAM1928p-type Si:B[100]1″3000P/E1–50Prime, NO Flats, Individual cst, Group of 13 wafers
PAM1929p-type Si:B[100]1″275P/P0.015–0.020SEMI Prime, 1Flat, hard cst
PAM1930p-type Si:B[100]1″275P/E0.015–0.020SEMI Prime, 1Flat, Soft cst
PAM1931p-type Si:B[111] ±0.5°1″50 ±10P/P1–100NO Flats, Soft cst
PAM1932n-type Si:P[100]1″50 ±10P/P>20SEMI Prime, 1Flat, TTV<5μm, in single wafer trays between clean–room sheets, MOQ 4 wafers
PAM1933n-type Si:P[100]1″280P/E1–5SEMI, 1Flat, hard cst
PAM1934n-type Si:P[100]1″1500P/E1–20Prime, NO Flats, Soft cst
PAM1935n-type Si:P[111]1″330P/EFZ >90Prime, NO Flats, hard cst
PAM1936p-type Si:B[100]1″775P/E8–12SEMI Prime, 1Flat, Soft cst
PAM1937p-type Si:B[100]1″300P/P4–6SEMI Prime, 1Flat, hard cst
PAM1938p-type Si:B[100]24mm300P/E1–100Prime, NO Flats, Soft cst
PAM1939p-type Si:B[100]1″300P/E1–10Prime, NO Flats, Soft cst
PAM1940p-type Si:B[100]1″500P/E1–10Ile zostalo ?
PAM1941p-type Si:B[100]1″380P/E0.003–0.005SEMI Prime, 1Flat, hard cst
PAM1942p-type Si:B[100]1″275P/E0.002–0.005Prime, NO Flats, hard cst
PAM1943n-type Si:P[100]1″50 ±10P/P>20SEMI Prime, 1Flat, TTV<5μm, in single wafer trays between clean–room sheets, MOQ 5 wafers
PAM1944n-type Si:P[100]1″3500P/E1.2–3.0SEMI Prime, 2Flats, Individual cst
PAM1945n-type Si:P[100]1″300P/E1–20SEMI Prime, 1Flat, hard cst
PAM1946n-type Si:As[100]1″300P/P0.001–0.005Prime, NO Flats, hard cst
PAM1947n-type Si:As[111]1″380P/E0.002–0.007SEMI Prime, 1Flat, hard cst


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Found in 1990, Xiamen Powerway Advanced Material Co., Ltd (PAM-XIAMEN) is a leading manufacturer of semiconductor material in China.  PAM-XIAMEN develops advanced crystal growth and epitaxy technologies, manufacturing processes, engineered substrates and semiconductor devices.  PAM-XIAMEN’s technologies enable higher performance and lower cost manufacturing of semiconductor wafer.

Our goal is to meet all of your requirements, no matter how small orders and how difficult questions they may be,
to maintain sustained and profitable growth for every customer through our qualified products and satisfying service.

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