CZT γ-ray Multi-pixel Imaging System

CZT γ-ray Multi-pixel Imaging System

CZT γ-ray multi-pixel imaging system of PAM-XIAMEN adopts a imaging module of multi-pixel energy spectrum. It can be spliced into a 5×5 array without any blind spots. A total of 6,400 pixels make up a 127x127mm CZT (Cadmium Zinc Telluride) detector square. The system can read energy spectrum data. Connect through the TCP/IP interface with the host computer, data processing, image analysis and parameter setting can be performed.

CZT γ-ray Multi-pixel Imaging System

1. Specification of CZT γ-ray Multi-pixel Imaging System

Dimension 260×190×70mm3
Pixel size 1.5×1.5mm2
Pixel quantity 256/module
Energy range 20~700KeV
Energy resolution 90% pixel <6.5%@122keV
Powered by DC+12V
Power consumption <6W
Communication interface Ethernet
Scalable Condition Scalable
Operating temperature +10~+40℃


2. Features of Imaging System of CZT γ-ray Multi-pixel:

High energy resolution;

Working at room temperature;

Various collimator are acceptable;

Free combination splicing within 5×5 arrays;

Good electromagnetic shielding performance.

3. CZT γ-ray Multiple Pixels Imaging System Software Interface

CZT γ-ray multi-pixel Imaging system


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