FP (Fabry-Perot) Laser Wafer

FP (Fabry-Perot) Laser Wafer

Fabry-Perot laser (FP-LD) is the most common semiconductor laser. At present, the fabrication technology of FP-LD used in optical fiber communication has been quite mature, and the structure of double heterojunction multiple quantum wells active layer, carrier and light limited structure is widely used. PAM-XIAMEN, one of leading epitaxy suppliers, can offer FP laser diode wafer with laser spectrum of 698nm. More specifically structure is shown as table below. In addition, we can grow specific FP laser structure with specific wavelength to meet your needs.

1. Specification of 698nm GaInAsP / AlGaInP FP Laser Chip Wafer

PAM180911 – FPLD

Layer No. Material Mole Fraction (x) Mole Fraction (y) Thickness (um) Dopant Type PL (nm) Strain (ppm) CV Level (cm-3) Group Repeat
13 GaAs     P     >2E19    
12 GaIn(x)P 0.49   0.05      
11 Al(x)InP        
10 Al(x)InP   Zinc      
9 Al(x)GaIn(y)P 0.6 0.49 Undoped        
8 Al(x)GaIn(y)As tbd tbd tbd tbd tbd  
7 GaIn(x)As(y)P tbd tbd tbd U/D 690nm tbd  
6 Al(x)GaIn(y)As tbd tbd tbd tbd tbd  
5 Al(x)GaIn(y)P 0.6 0.49 0.05   800      
4 Al(x)InP   Si      
3 Al(x)InP     1.00E+18    
2 GaIn(x)P     800    
1 GaAs     0.5 N          
0 Substrate                    


2. What is Fabry-Perot Semiconductor Laser?

FP laser diode is a semiconductor light emitting device, and is designed with FP cavity as the resonator and emitting multi-longitudinal mode coherent light. F-P resonator, namely plane-parallel cavity (resonator), is a kind of optical resonator, which is composed of two parallel plane mirrors and is often used in semiconductor lasers. This is the first optical resonator proposed in the history of laser technology development, and it is the basis of Fabry-Perot interferometer.

The FP laser wavelength is very wide from visible light to mid-infrared and far-infrared. For the longest output wavelength, they can be realized as quantum cascade lasers.


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