Photoluminescence assessment of undoped semi-insulating InP wafers obtained by annealing in iron phosphide vapour

We have investigated the photoluminescence mapping characteristics of semi-insulating (SI) InP wafers obtained by annealing in iron phosphide ambience (FeP2-annealed). Compared with as-grown Fe-doped and undoped SI InP wafers prepared by annealing in pure phosphorus vapour (P-annealed), the FeP2-annealed SI InP wafer has been found to exhibit a better photoluminescence uniformity. Radial Hall measurements also show that there is a better resistivity uniformity on the FeP2-annealed SI InP wafer. When comparing the distribution of deep levels between the annealed wafers measured by optical transient current spectroscopy, we find that the incorporation of iron atoms into the SI InP suppresses the formation of a few defects. The correlation observed in this study implies that annealing in iron phosphorus ambience makes Fe atoms diffuse uniformly and occupy the indium site in the SI InP lattice. As it stands, we believe that annealing undoped conductive InP in iron phosphide vapour is an effective means to obtain semi-insulating InP wafers with superior uniformity.


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