125mm (5 Inch) Silicon Wafers

125mm (5 Inch) Silicon Wafers

N-type or P-type 125mm silicon wafer can be supplied with the orientation of <111> or <100>. More specs are shown as following:

125mm silicon wafer

1. 125mm Silicon Substrate Wafer List

No. 1

ID Dia Type Dopant Ori Res
Thick (um) Polish Grade Description
PAM2683 125mm N As <111> <0.0035 375um SSP MECH Mechanical Grade. EPI Layer: N/Phos Res: 4.59-5.874ohm.cm 12-16um
PAM2684 125mm N P <100> <0.001 3000um SSP Test 3mm thick
PAM2685 125mm P B <111> 43485 525-575um SSP Test Sold As-Is
PAM2686 125mm P B <111> 43485 500-550um SSP Test Sold As-Is

No. 2

Item Material Orient. Diam
Surf. Resistivity
PAM2687 p-type Si:B [100] 5″ 889 ±13 P/E FZ >1,000 SEMI Prime, 1Flat, Empak cst
PAM2688 p-type Si:B [100] 5″ 920 ±10 E/E FZ >1,000 Empak cst
PAM2689 p-type Si:B [100] 5″ 920 ±10 E/E FZ >1,000 Warp measured <8μm, Empak cst
PAM2690 n-type Si:P [100] 5″ 400 P/E FZ 7,000–14,300 SEMI Prime, 1Flat, Empak cst, Bow/Warp<20μm
PAM2691 n-type Si:P [100] 5″ 400 P/E FZ 7,000–14,300 SEMI Prime, 1Flat, Bow/Warp<20μm
PAM2692 n-type Si:P [100] 5″ 350 P/E FZ 5,000–10,000 SEMI Prime, 1Flat, Empak cst, Bow/Warp<20μm
PAM2693 n-type Si:P [100] 5″ 350 P/E FZ 5,000–10,000 SEMI Prime, 1Flat, Bow/Warp<20μm, in Empak cassettes of 5 wafers
PAM2694 n-type Si:P [111] ±0.1° 5″ 200 ±15 BROKEN FZ >3,000 Broken L/L wafers, in 2 pieces
PAM2695 n-type Si:P [111] 5″ 300 ±15 P/E FZ 1,000–3,000 SEMI Prime, in hard cassettes of 8 wafers
PAM2696 p-type Si:B [100] 5″ 625 ±15 P/P 16–24 SEMI Prime, Empak cst
PAM2697 p-type Si:B [100] 5″ 600 ±10 E/E 2.0–3.5 SEMI, 1Flat, coin roll
PAM2698 p-type Si:B [100] 5″ 228 P/P 1–10 SEMI Prime, 1Flat, Empak cst, TTV<5μm
PAM2699 p-type Si:B [100] 5″ 525 P/E 1–100 Silicon rings. 5″ outside diameter and 4″ inside diameter to hold 4″ wafers
PAM2700 p-type Si:B [100] 5″ 625 ±15 P/P 1–100 SEMI Prime, Empak cst
PAM2701 p-type Si:B [100] 5″ 990 ±8 P/P 1–25 SEMI Prime, Empak cst, TTV<1μm
PAM2702 p-type Si:B [100] 5″ 525 P/EOx 0.002–0.004 {0.0031–0.0035} SEMI Prime, 1Flat, Striations–Free, TTV<5μm, Back–Side LTO seal 0.50±0.05μm thick, in Empak cassettes of 7 wafers each
PAM2703 p-type Si:B [100] 5″ 710 E/E   RTP, One SEMI Flat, in Open Empak cst
PAM2704 n-type Si:As [100] 5″ 625 P/E 0.001–0.007 SEMI TEST, 2Flats, Empak cst
PAM2705 n-type Si:As [100] 5″ 625 P/E 0.001–0.007 SEMI TEST, 2Flats, Empak cst
PAM2706 n-type Si:Sb [100] ±1° 5″ 1,200 ±10 P/E 0.001–0.025 SEMI Prime, SEMI notch, TTV<1μm Empak cst
PAM2707 n-type Si:As [100] 5″   E/E   SEMI, 1Flat, in opened Empak cst
PAM2708 n-type Si:Sb [100] 5″   E/E   SEMI 2Flats (2nd @135°), in opened Empak cst
PAM2709 n-type Si:Sb [111–3.0°] ±0.5° 5″ 625 P/E 0.015–0.020 {0.0152–0.0185} SEMI Prime, 2Flats, Empak cst
PAM2710   randomly 5″ randomly P/E randomly SEMI Test, 1Flat, Empak cst
PAM2711   randomly 5″ randomly P/E randomly SEMI TEST, 1Flat, Empak cst
PAM2712 n-type [100] 5″ randomly P/EOx randomly SEMI TEST, 2Flats (SF @ 180°), Back–side LTO seal, Empak cst
PAM2713   [100] 5″ randomly P/E randomly SEMI Test, 1Flat, Empak cst
PAM2714 n-type [100] 5″ randomly P/E randomly SEMI Test, 2Flats (2nd @ 180°), Empak cst
PAM2715 n-type Si:As [100] 5″ 625 OxP/EOx 0.001–0.007 SEMI Prime, 2Flats, Thermal Oxide 3.5±0.5µm thick, Empak cst


2. 125mm Silicon Wafer Industry Applicable Norms

2.1 Dimensions and Allowable Deviations of 125mm Silicon Substrate

If the size and its upper and lower limits of 5 inch silicon wafer are not specified in the detailed specification, the requirements shall be as follows:

Size Minimum Target value Standard Maximum Maximum Epitaxial Layer
Diameter(mm) 124.7 125 125.3 125.3
Thickness at the Center(um) 505 525 545 545
Curvature(um) 30 45
Total Thickness Variation(um) 5 9
Flatness(um) 3 5.5
Warp(um) 30 45
Chipping(um) 208


The flatness variation from the highest point to the lowest point of the ultra-flat test grade on the stepper used to test the focus cannot exceed 2 microns.

2.2 Silicon Wafer Crystal Orientation and Reference Plane Position

The crystal orientation of the 5” Si wafer surface should be indicated in the detailed specification. The allowable tolerance is 0.4 degrees. Orthogonal crystal orientation error shall not exceed 0.2 degrees;

Primary reference plane positioning: [110], no secondary reference plane within 1 degree;

Reference surface length: Main reference surface should be 42.5mm±2.5mm.

2.3 Doping Material of 125mm Silicon Thin Film

To obtain the P-type silicon wafer, Boron should be doped during the silicon wafer manufacturing process; and for the N-type 125mm wafer of silicon, Phosphorus should be doped.

2.4 Non-uniformity of 5” Si Substrate Radial Resistivity                        

Item <15 ohm-cm    >15 ohm-cm
Center and 1/2 radius (R/2) 9% 4% 11% 6%
Center and 6 mm from the edge 14% 8% 16% 12%


2.5 Other Requirements for 125mm Silicon Wafer:

One side of the 5 inch silicon substrate should be polished;

Silicon wafer growth method: Czochralski method;

125mm single crystal silicon wafer dislocation density: none;

Laser marking: It is required to meet the requirements of SEMI standard M1.1-85;

125mm silicon wafer defects limitation range: the area beyond 0.062 inches (1.57mm) from the edge of the silicon wafer is not included.

Note: Unless otherwise specified in the detailed specification, the silicon wafer manufacturing companies should use above requirements.

In order to ensure the production and delivery of fully qualified products, 125mm silicon wafers should be produced under an effective quality control system, including necessary staff training, procedures, equipment calibration, measurement and inspection. As part of quality control, key parameters should be tested regularly.

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