5-2-1-2 Electrical Properties

5-2-1-2 Electrical Properties

5-2-1-2 Electrical Properties

Owing to the differing arrangement of Si and C atoms within the SiC crystal lattice, each SiC polytype

exhibits unique fundamental electrical and optical properties. Some of the more important semiconductor

electrical properties of the 3C, 4H, and 6H SiC polytypes are given in Table 5.1. Much more

detailed electrical properties can be found in References 11–13 and references therein. Even within a

given polytype, some important electrical properties are nonisotropic, in that they are strong functions

of crystallographic direction of current flow and applied electric field (for example, electron mobility

for 6H-SiC). Dopant impurities in SiC can incorporate into energetically inequivalent sites. While all

dopant ionization energies associated with various dopant incorporation sites should normally be

considered for utmost accuracy, Table 5.1 lists only the shallowest reported ionization energies of each



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