Gallium Arsenide wafers, P/P

Q: Please let us know if you could supply below wafer, qty 25/50/300.
Gallium Arsenide wafers, P/P
150.00±0.25 mm) 6″Ø×650±25µm,
VGF SI undoped GaAs:-[100-2.0°towards[110]]±0.5°,
u > 4,000cm²/Vs,
Both-sides-polished, 1 Flat 57.5±2.5 mm @ 110±°1,
TTV<7µm, BOW<4µm, Warp<10µm, TIR<6µm,
Certificate: obligatory, Sealed under nitrogen in single wafer cassette

A: Yes, will check the delivery time and come back to you.

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