GaN Crystal & Epi Template-3

PAM XIAMEN offers GaN Template on Silicon.

Gallium nitride substrates are matched in lattice constant and thermal expansion properties for epitaxial growth of doped GaN layers needed for fabrication of GaN-based devices. This eliminates stress and defects induced by growing GaN epi-layers on non-nitride substrates such as sapphire or silicon carbide, which increase device fabrication complexity and cost and compromise device performance.

GaN Template ( 100nm) on Silicon Wafer, 10×10 mm, 
GaN Template ( 200nm) on Silicon Wafer, 10×10 mm, GaN on Si
GaN Template ( 500nm) on Silicon Wafer, 5×5 mm, GaNSi
GaN Template on 2″ Silicon Wafer, GaN film, N type, undoped on Si (111) substrates, 2″x 500 (+/-5%)nm, 1sp

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