8″ FZ Prime Silicon Wafer

8″ FZ Prime Silicon Wafer

PAM XIAMEN offers 8″ FZ Prime Silicon Wafer.

1. Specification of 8″ FZ Prime Silicon Wafer

8″ 200+/-0.2 mm
Double Side Polished
Prime FZ N type
resistivity 8000-14000Ωcm
orientation 100 ±0.5°
Thickness 625 +/- 5µm
Laser Mark None or SEMI
edge profile SEMI
Notch SEMI
Oi content 11-15 PPMA
warp 35
Bow 35
Site Flatness SFQD 20X20mm: 0.40um
TTV 6 µm
backside treatment Polished
LPDs >= 0,30 µm (including COP’s) <=25
LPDs >= 0,20 µm (including COP’s) <=30
LPDs >= 0,16 µm (including COP’s) <=60
Surface Metals (Al,Ca,Cu,Fe,Ni,Zn,Cr,Na) Max 5E10/cm2
Metrology edge exclusion(lpd’s, mechanical parameters) 3 mm

2. FAQ of FZ Silicon Wafer

Q1: Do you have the transmission spectrum (or n, k values) of the FZ Si wafers at infrared wavelengths, e.g. 2 to 14 um?

A: The transimission spectrum of the FZ Si wafers at infrared wavelengths of 2 to 14 um is shown as below:

Transmittance of Silicon Wafer

Q2: What is the thickness of the 8″ FZ wafer you measured transmission spectrum (if it is different from what you quoted)?

A: Applied to the thickness of FZ silicon which <10mm

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