PAM-XIAMEN Offers InGaN Substrates

PAM-XIAMEN Offers InGaN Substrates

Xiamen Powerway Advanced Material Co.,Ltd (PAM-XIAMEN), the leading developer and supplier of compound semiconductor crystal and wafer, today announces availability of InGaN substrate materials. InGaN is the key compound semiconductor material used for the fabrication of blue, green, and white light emitting diodes (LEDs),GaN-based ultra violet (UV), blue laser diodes (LDs) and solar photovoltaic application. Indium gallium nitride is as the light-emitting layer for these light-emitting devices and determine device efficiency, light output power and lifetime. InGaN substrates are needed for InGaN-based device epitaxial structures and to improve device performance.

“Our success of the InGaN material expend our nitride business,and move forward to the LED and solid-state lighting market fastly,” said Dr. Shaka “Now we are second manfuacturer to offer InGaN template after TDI,we will continue to offer this material to our current customers for green light LED application, our continuous research would focus on solid state lighting application,of course we will expend new customers for other application.”

“Now we can offer wide range nitirde semiconductor materials,including GaN, InGaN, InN, and AlN epi wafer with a wide range of deposition rates, various doping levels, wide composition ranges, and low defect densities, to meet our various customer’s requests,including researcher and device foundry”,added Victor Chan, a senior marketing manager for the company.

1. The Product

New substrates consist of an InGaN layer deposited on 2-inch GaN/sapphire template. In content in the InGaN layers ranges from 10 % to 40 %. Targeted applications are high brightness UV, blue, and green light emitting devices including light emitting diodes and, potentially, blue and green laser diodes. Currently InGaN template substrates are available in limited quantities. Available InGaN thickness:100-300nm. The substrate can be on sapphire, silicon or silicon carbide.

The newest research in 2018 in our R&D department is In_xGa_(1-x)N templates with x >= 0.4 is not possible to grow high-quality material, when In composition is 35%, the color of InGaN template is not uniformity because of strain stress.

1.1 The typical specification of InGaN substrate on sapphire:

InGaN on Sapphire
Dopant:In 5%-15%
Substrate Struture:InGaN/GaN/Sapphire(0001)
Single Side Polished,
Surface roughness:<0.5nm, epi-ready.

Crystal Quality:Our side technology sector to the XRD data of a reference in InGaN as follows: (4um of GaN growth on the Template InGaN)
50nm InGaN, 20% In composition, the rocking curve FMHW (00.2) ~ 460 arcsecs (10.2) to 610 arcsecs(Test equipment is a Bruker D8 high-resolution X-ray diffraction).But please note that of InGaN XRD data strongly depends on the thickness, the thickness of 200nm, of InGaN crystalline quality would be higher.Though the Raman data is also a measure of crystal quality, but less accuracy than the XRD precision, so we generally measure the quality of the crystal without Raman test.

1.2 Crystal Structure:

InGaN  100nm-300nm
4um GaN  4um
Sapphire  430um

1.3 XRD of InGaN Substrate:

PAM-XIAMEN Offers InGaN Substrates

PAM-XIAMEN Offers InGaN Substrates


















Picture of InGaN Substrate:

PAM-XIAMEN Offers InGaN Substrates

PAM-XIAMEN Offers InGaN Substrates









2. FAQ of InGaN Epitaxial on Sapphire Substrate

Q1:Is there any GaN buffer or just grown over Sapphire? what is the growing method for InGaN on Sapphire, MOCVD? MBE?

A: There is u-GaN as buffer layer, around 2~4um thick grown on InGaN/Sapphire wafer. The wafer is grown by MOCVD.

Q2: Do you grow InGaN template at higher indium concentration? 25% and 35%?

A: For InGaN on sapphire wafer, actually we ever grow 35% few years ago, but the color is not uniformity because of strain stress, it is a big challenge. We have test it recently, In composition >25% is not workable, In precipitates very seriously, and the wafer is black.

Q3: 25% In composition of InGaN wafer may be acceptable for our application, is this based on MOCVD or MBE? Can you deposit on different substrate? we may give you our own substrate.

A: It’s no problem to grow InGaN wafer with 25% In composition by MOCVD. We only grow InGaN layer on sapphire substrate.

Q4: We can provide sapphire substrate for InGaN template growth.
On our substrate we are going to have other structures which are temperature sensitive.
What is the minimum temperature you can grow InGaN for us? Can it be as low as 700℃ ? Or 425℃ ? This can change our process.

A: The growth temperature is matched with the flow rate, so as to grow InGaN substrate with suitable thickness and In content, the temperature can only be as low as possible. Approximate temperature 725 deg.

3. About Xiamen Powerway Advanced Material Co., Ltd

Found in 1990,Xiamen Powerway Advanced Material Co., Ltd (PAM-XIAMEN) is a leading manufacturer of compound semiconductor material in China. PAM-XIAMEN develops advanced crystal growth and epitaxy technologies, manufacturing processes, engineered substrates and semiconductor devices. PAM-XIAMEN’s technologies enable higher performance and lower cost manufacturing of semiconductor wafer.

In 2001,PAM-XIAMEN has been involved in GaN material research.PAM-XIAMEN now offer  GaN, InGaN, InN, and AlN epitaxial products with a wide range of deposition rates, various doping levels, wide composition ranges, and low defect densities.

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