Testing project: type

Testing project: type

Testing project:  type

Non-intrinsic semiconductors doped with electron donor atoms are called n-type semiconductors because most of the charge carriers in the crystal are negative electrons. The electron acceptor dopant is an atom that receives electrons from the lattice, producing empty Spaces in which electrons should be called holes that can pass through the crystal like positively charged particles. An external semiconductor doped with an electron acceptor atom is called a p-type semiconductor, because most charge carriers in a crystal are cavities.

Test equipment:  Raman spectra instrument

Test Standard:  Q/DXHJC0009-2014

Test result:  show the result of Raman spectra of the testing point; or the area percentage of wafer in differ types.

Testing project: type

2”GaN Templates Epitaxy on Sapphire Substrates


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