CZT Portable Radionuclide Recognizer

CZT Portable Radionuclide Recognizer

PAM-NIS CZT radionuclide recognizer is compact and portable with following advantages:

1) The energy resolution is less than 1.8% at 662keV, which is higher than scintillator detectors;

2) The detector size is smaller than Ge detector, working at room temperature without cooling;

3) It can be recharged more than 10000 times with a built-in battery;

4) The cable length can be customized

For detailed specification please refer to the table below:

CZT Portable Radionuclide Identifier

1. Specification of Portable CZT Radionuclide Recognizer

Dimension 227*327*104 mm3
Weight 5kg
Nuclide Lab 50*55.5*90 mm3
Cable 1.5m (Standard); can be customized
Battery Life 12 hours
Energy Resolution <1.8%@662keV or <2.5%@662keV @ room temperature
Energy Range 20keV~3MeV
Dose Rate Range 0.1μSv/h~100mSv/h
Sensitivity ≈200cps(μSv/h)
Channel 1K, 4K
IP Level IP 54
Data Connection Blue Tooth
Detector Dimension Tailor made is available
Other Functions Automatically stabilizing the spectrum


2. Features of Portable Radionuclide Recognizer

The recognizer has features:

* High precision

* Quasi-Gaussian signal readable

3. Applications of CZT Radionuclide Recongnizer

* Nuclear power plant

* Environmental protection

* Homeland security

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