Terahertz Chip

Terahertz Chip

PAM-XIAMEN can provide a series products of terahertz chip: Power Amplifier (PA) Chip, Low Noise Amplifier (LNA) Chip, PIN/FET Switch, Zero Bias Detector Chip, Amplification Frequency Multiplication Chain (AMC) Chip, MIXER Chip, Schottky Frequency Multiplication MMIC, Schottky Mixing MMIC, and Attenuator Chip. The terahertz chip is a brand-new microchip, a signal amplifier, and the operating speed of terahertz chips reaches 1 THz. More details about the THz chip come in the following part.

Terahertz Chip

1. Terahertz Chip Specifications

The successful development of terahertz chips provides strong technical support for terahertz high-resolution imaging radar, terahertz high-speed wireless communication, etc.

1.1 THz PA Chip

Item Freq(GHz) Specs
PAM-075PA DC-75 1.III/IV Materials
2.Power gain: 12dB
3.Psat: NA
4.P1dB: 15dBm
PAM-6PA 6-27 1.III/IV Materials
2.Power gain: 23dB
3.Psat: 21dBm
4.P1dB: 19dBm
PAM-15PA 15-43 1.III/IV Materials
2.Power gain: 20dB
3.Psat: 30dBm
4.P1dB: 29.5dBm


The PA chip is one of the core components of the transceiver in the terahertz system. The signal power generated by the modulation oscillator circuit of the transmitter front end is generally very small. A terahertz power amplifier can amplify the signal power so that the signal transmission distance is longer. PAM-XIAMEN also can offer the THz chip with the frequency of 24-28 GHz, 24-43 GHz, 20-50 GHz and etc. For more details, please contact us.

1.2 Terahertz LNA chip

Item Freq(GHz) Specs
PAM-17LNA 17-23 1.III/IV Materials
2.Power gain: 28dB
3.NF: 1.2dB
4.P1dB: 4dBm
PAM-22LNA 22-32 1.III/IV Materials
2.Power gain: 28dB
3.NF: 1.4dB
4.P1dB: 5dBm
PAM-32LNA 32-52 1.III/IV Materials
2.Power gain: 29dB
3.NF: 1.8dB
4.P1dB: 4dBm


Terahertz system is a general direction of terahertz technology research. The key to studying terahertz systems is to vigorously develop terahertz transmitter and receiver systems. Terahertz signal space loss is relatively large, so the amplifier is more important. The receiver mainly improves the noise figure and phase noise index, and the transmitter mainly improves the output power. So the terahertz LNA chip can be used, which can make the system ultra low noise, full band coverage and single voltage supply.

The working frequency of the terahertz chip from us is various from low to high, like 37-43 GHz, 90-110 GHz, 210-27 GHz and so on. Please send email to victorchan@powerwaywafer.com and powerwaymaterial@gmail.com for details.

1.3 PIN/FET Switch on THz Chip

Item Freq(GHz) Specs
PAM-05SW1 DC-70 1.PIN Switch/SPST
2.S21: 0.8dB
3.Isolation: 30dB
4.S11: -15dB
PAM-05SW2 DC-70 1.PIN Switch/SPDT
4.S11: -18dB
PAM-05SW3 DC-70 1.PIN Switch/SP3T
2.S21: 1.2dB
3.Isolation: 30dB
4.S11: -15dB


The photoconductive switch is a device that can not only generate broadband terahertz waves, but also detect broadband terahertz waves. After years of development, the original semiconductor silicon-sapphire photoconductive switch has been replaced by low-temperature grown gallium arsenide (GaAs), while indium gallium arsenide (InGaAs) and graphene-based photoconductive switches are developing rapidly, which is terahertz time-domain spectroscopy. The measurement provides a low-cost, portable, stable and reliable ultra-short pulse source. The dynamic range of the current time-domain spectroscopy system based on photoconductive devices of THz PIN/FET switch has reached 90dB, and the typical spectrum covers between 0.05THz and 2~6THz. The frequency of 0.05-50 GHz, 30-40 GHz, 70-110 GHz and so on are available. You can contact us for more specifications.

1.4 THz Zero Bias Detector Chip

Item Freq(GHz) Specs
PAM-0110ZBD DC-110 1.Sensitivity: 600 V/W
2.Dynamic Range: -50 to -20dBm
3.S11: -15dB
PAM-50ZBD 50-75 1.Sensitivity: 4500 V/W
2.Dynamic Range: -50 to -20dBm
3.S11: -10dB
PAM-70ZBD 70-130 1.Sensitivity: 3000V/W
2.Dynamic Range: -50 to -20dBm
3.S11: -10dB


THz Zero Bias detector chip has the advantages of high efficiency, low cost and high integration. It can be applied in the mixer receiver system, which can obtain high resolution and high sensitivity. PAM-XIAMEN’s Zero Bias Detector Chip can also work at the frequency of 90-170 GHz and 210-320 GHz. For more specifications please contact us.

1.5 Terahertz AMC Chip

Devices fabricated on THz AMC chip are an important part of terahertz communication technology. Especially as semiconductor technology becomes more mature, terahertz frequency conversion devices are developing rapidly. The main principle is to use nonlinear devices to generate twice or more output signals, thereby realizing the function of signal frequency multiplication. It is currently an important means of obtaining high frequency terahertz signal sources. The terahertz AMC chip from PAM-XIAEMN for such a device has the features of high output frequency, low conversion loss, high power output and etc.

The lowest working frequency range of AMC chip is 50-75(x2), and the highest is 190-220(x2). More details, please contact us.

1.6 Terahertz MIXER Chip

In the superheterodyne terahertz system, the mixer based on THz MIXER chip is a core device, and its function is to move the terahertz signal down to the microwave and millimeter wave

frequency band, realizing the acquisition, analysis and processing of the signal. The MIXER chip has an important effect on Hertz imaging, atmospheric monitoring and other fields. Our MIXCER chip can working in different frequencies. Please consult us for more detailed information.

1.7 THz Schottky Frequency Multiplication MMIC & Schottky Mixing MMIC

THz Schottky Frequency Multiplication MMIC not only can low-frequency microwave and millimeter wave signals generate high-frequency terahertz signals, but also can improve the frequency stability and signal quality of terahertz signals. Different types of Schottky Frequency Multiplication MMIC have different output frequencies. The output frequency we can offer is 102-115 GHz, 140-152 GHz, 213-222 GHz and so on. To get specific info, please contact us through email.

Schottky Mixing MMIC can provide higher conversion efficiency and a certain conversion gain. At the same time, it only needs a small local oscillator power, so the noise is low. The output frequency will be 102-115 GHz, 75-110 GHz, 330-350 GHz and etc. Contact us for more specifications, please.

1.8 THz Attenuator Chip

Terahertz attenuator chip is an ideal material for attenuating high-power terahertz waves. It can attenuate terahertz radiation to prevent detection saturation and has stable transmission performance. Most of PAM-XIAMEN attenuator chip can work at the frequency of 70-110 GHz. Please email us for details.

2. About Terahertz

Terahertz is a new radiation source with many unique advantages, and terahertz technology is a very important cross-cutting frontier field. Terahertz electromagnetic radiation band is from 0.1 to 10 THz. Therefore, terahertz research mainly focuses on the 0.1-10 THz frequency band. This is a very special and extensive spectrum area. Initially, this frequency band was called “THz Gap” because this frequency band is between the two relatively mature frequencies, the electronics spectrum and the optical spectrum. Its low frequency band overlaps with the millimeter wave frequency band in the electronics field, and the high frequency band overlaps with the far-infrared frequency band (wavelength 0.03-1.0 mm) in the optical field.

Frequency and wavelength regions of Terahertz

3. Terahertz Properties

The reason why THz has good application prospects is mainly due to its characteristics of spectral resolution, safety , perspective, transient and broadband. Specifically:

Firstly, terahertz frequency photon energy is low and will not cause damage to the detection body, and can realize non-destructive testing;

Secondly, THz waves have good penetrating ability to dielectric materials, which can be used as a means to detect hidden objects;

Thirdly, the typical pulse width of terahertz pulses is in the order of picoseconds , which can obtain the terahertz time-domain spectrum with high signal-to-noise ratio and is easy to perform spectral analysis on various materials;

Finally, the bandwidth of the terahertz frequency band is very wide, from 0.1-10 THz can provide rich spectrum resources for ultra-high-speed communication.

4. Applications of Terahertz Chips

With the development of research, the importance of terahertz spectrum and technology to the fields of physics, chemistry, biology, electronics, radio astronomy, etc. has gradually emerged, and applications of terahertz chip have also begun to penetrate into many aspects of social economy and national security, such as biological imaging, THz Rapid spectrum detection, high-speed communication, through-wall radar, etc. The teragertz chip is mainly used in active security imaging, terahertz radar, terahertz communication, test and measurement.

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