Blue GaN LD Wafer

Blue GaN LD Wafer

We can offer 2” InGaN/GaN quantum well blue LD wafer as follow spec:

Item Descriptions Materials Substrate
blue laser 440-460nm InGaN 2 inch Sapphire substrate
GaN Blue LD EPI Wafer Spec
 EPI Wafer Size
Growth MOCVD
Diameter 50.8 ± 0.2 mm
Thickness 430 ± 30 um
EPI thickness   um
 EPI Wafer Structure
Contact layer p type GaN
Superlattice Cladding Layer p type GaN
Electron Blocking Layer p type AlGaN
Waveguide Layer undoped InGaN
QW and QB layer InGaN and GaN
Waveguide Layer n type InGaN
Cladding Layer n type AlGaN
Substrate Silicon

Please contact our technology dept to discuss wafer specifications,

including other wavelength, dimension, layer thickness and epitaxial design.

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