Blue GaN LD Wafer

Blue GaN LD Wafer

PAM-XIAMEN can offer 2” InGaN/GaN quantum well blue laser diode wafer on sapphire or silicon substrate as follows. The blue GaN LD wafer for commercial applications illustrates the great potential of III-V epitaxial wafers.

1. Specification of 440-460nm Blue GaN LD wafer 


Item Descriptions Materials Substrate
blue laser 440-460nm InGaN 2 inch Sapphire substrate***
GaN Blue LD EPI Wafer Spec
LD Epitaxial Wafer Size
Growth MOCVD
Diameter 50.8 ± 0.2 mm
Thickness 430 ± 30 um
EPI thickness   um
 EPI Wafer Structure
Contact layer p type GaN
Superlattice Cladding Layer p type GaN
Electron Blocking Layer p type AlGaN
Waveguide Layer undoped InGaN
QW and QB layer InGaN and GaN
Waveguide Layer n type InGaN
Cladding Layer n type AlGaN
Substrate Silicon


2. Structure of Blue Laser Diode Epitaxial Wafer


substrates t (nm) Composition Doping
Al% ln% [Si] [Mg]
uGaN 2000-3000
AlGaN 6-10
lnGaN-QW ~2.5
lnGaN 1-2
AlGaN 1.OE+19
Contact layer 5


Remark: GaN laser diode epitaxial structure is grown on top of the xxμm-thick Si-doped GaN layer. The epitaxial LD wafer structure consisted of a xxμm-thick n-type Al0.06Ga0.94N cladding layer, an xx-thick n-type In0.04Ga0.96N waveguide layer, two pairs of xxnm-thick undoped In0.15Ga0.85N QW and xx-nm-thick undoped GaN QB layers, a xx-nm-thick undoped In0.035Ga0.965N waveguide layer, a xx-nm-thick p-type Al0.2Ga0.8N electron blocking layer (EBL), xx pairs of 3-nm-thick p-type Al0.14Ga0.86Nand xxnm-thick p-type GaN superlattice cladding layer, and a xxnm-thick p-type GaN contact layer.

3. Other Parameters

nternal Loss:Unknown
IQE: Unknow
Lifetime:xx [email protected], >10 [email protected] mode
Peak Optical Power:xx [email protected] mode.

The laser diode wafer process on silicon substrate is mainly by MOCVD method.






Please contact our technology dept to discuss blue GaN LD wafer specifications,including other wavelength, dimension, layer thickness and epitaxial design.


For more information, please contact us email at [email protected] and [email protected].


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