GaN LED Epi on Sapphire

GaN LED Epi on Sapphire

Powerway Wafer offers GaN LED Epi on flat or patterned Sapphire as follows:

100mm wafers of blue GaN LED epi layer on c-plane sapphire, 445-475nm (PAM-191010-GaN-LED)

100mm wafers of green GaN LED epi layer on c-plane sapphire, 510-530nm

Q1:What is the typical rms roughness of the polished sapphire backside surface?

Answer:It depends on your application.

Q2:Our application is to fabricate microLED devices using the epi-wafer and perform Laser Liftoff to release the devices for mass transfer and assembly. Could you kindly provide details of the thickness of each layer of the epi stack for both the Green and blue (such as total thickness of the epi-layer on sapphire, thickness of p-GaN, active region, n-GaN and the underlying u-GaN layer etc.)?

Answer:Yes, for laser liftoff application, it should be specific requirement on surface, for more information, please consult our engineer team:

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