8Inch Single Crystal Germanium Material

8Inch Single Crystal Germanium Material

Single crystal germanium (Ge) material is an important hard and brittle infrared optical material, belonging to indirect transition semiconductor with high hole mobility and electron mobility. It is widely used in aerospace, high-frequency ultra-high frequency electronics, optical fiber communication, infrared optics, solar cells and other fields. PAM-XIAMEN can offer single crystal germanium material with sizes from 2 inches to 8inches. More germanium wafers please visit https://www.powerwaywafer.com/germanium-wafer/germanium-single-crystals-and-wafers.html. Following attached is the specific parameters of 8 inches monocrystal germanium semiconductor wafer:

Single Crystal Germanium Material

1. 8Inch Monocrystal Germanium Substrate


Item 8 inch Monocrystal Ge Wafer
Diameter 200 mm
Conductivity N/A(undoped)
Thickness 725+/-25um
Semi standard notch 110
Resistivity >1ohm.cm
GBIR/TTV 15um max (base on WEE: 5mm)
Bow/Warp 50um max (base on WEE: 5mm)
Particle(>=0.2um) 30 max
Surface finish Double side polished
Metal contamination (Al, Ca, Cr, Cu, Fe, Na, Ni, Zn) All metals <2E10 atoms/cm2


2. Matters Needing Attention during the Cutting Process of Single Crystal Germanium Material

In the cutting process of single crystal germanium, the cutting heat generated has a great impact on the machining tolerance, chip formation, tool service life and the integrity of the processing surface. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the cutting temperature and distribution of single crystal germanium in the cutting process.

Through study and analyze germanium single crystal cutting by the micro-machining technology by single factor variable simulation, it’s found that:

  • The maximum cutting temperature decreases with the increase of spindle speed; With the increase of feed speed, the cutting temperature also increases; With the increase of cutting depth, the maximum cutting temperature will also increase;
  • The maximum cutting temperature decreases with the increase of tool rake angle, and the temperature of tool negative rake angle is higher than that of positive rake angle; The cutting temperature does not decrease significantly with the increase of the tool back angle; The maximum cutting temperature increases with the increase of the tool tip radius.

Therefore, we kindly remind you should select suitable processing parameters for spindle speed, feed speed, cutting depth and etc. when using micro-machining technology to processing the germanium semiconductor material.

It’s reported that selecting following theoretical value for cutting tool can effectively reduce the micro-cutting temperature of single crystal germanium, thus improving the processing accuracy and efficiency of single crystal germanium material semiconductor:

Spindle speed: 3000r/min

Feed speed: 12mm/min

Cutting depth: 3 μ M

Arc radius of the tool tip: 1mm

Rake angle of the tool: – 10 °

Back angle of the tool: 20 °


The Chinese government has announced new limits on the exportation of Gallium materials (such as GaAs, GaN, Ga2O3, GaP, InGaAs, and GaSb) and Germanium materials used to make semiconductor chips. Starting from August 1, 2023, exporting these materials is only allowed if we obtains a license from the Chinese Ministry of Commerce. Hope for your understanding and cooperation!


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