Top 10 Publication in in Microelectronics & Electronic Packaging by Citation

Top 10 Publication in in Microelectronics & Electronic Packaging by Citation

Top 10 Publication in in Microelectronics & Electronic Packaging by Citation

Post: PAM-XIAMEN, date: Jan 13,2020

PAM-XIAMEN has compiled top 10 the ranking data and the publication name in Microelectronics & Electronic Packaging by citation in impact factor(h5-index and h5 median, according to google scholar)

PAM-XIAMEN is a leading manufacturer of semiconductor wafer such as SiC wafer and GaN wafer for microelectronics device or semiconductor devices

The top publication are:


Publication h5-index h5-median
1. IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices 56 66
2. IEEE Electron Device Letters 53 69
3. IEEE International Electron Devices Meeting, IEDM 44 62
4. Electronics Letters 39 50
5. Microelectronic Engineering 34 46
6. Microelectronics Reliability 32 42
7. IEEE Transactions on Components, Packaging and Manufacturing Technology 30 37
8. IEEE/MTT-S International Microwave Symposium 28 38
9. Microelectronics Journal 28 36
10. IEEE Symposium on VLSI Technology 27 46

Reference: Microelectronics & Electronic Packaging








The top 1 is IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices, which publishes original and significant contributions relating to the theory, modeling, design, performance and reliability of electron and ion integrated circuit devices and interconnects. In this publication, top 5 articles has the largest contribution by h5-index:


Title / Author Cited by Year
Experimental Demonstration and Tolerancing of a Large-Scale Neural Network (165 000 Synapses) Using Phase-Change Memory as the Synaptic Weight Element

GW Burr, RM Shelby, S Sidler, C di Nolfo, J Jang, I Boybat, RS Shenoy, …

353 2015
GaN-on-Si Power Technology: Devices and Applications

KJ Chen, O Häberlen, A Lidow, C lin Tsai, T Ueda, Y Uemoto, Y Wu

205 2017
Vertical Power pn Diodes Based on Bulk GaN

IC Kizilyalli, AP Edwards, O Aktas, T Prunty, D Bour

170 2014
Basic Mechanisms of Threshold-Voltage Instability and Implications for Reliability Testing of SiC MOSFETs

AJ Lelis, R Green, DB Habersat, M El

155 2014
Crossbar RRAM Arrays: Selector Device Requirements During Read Operation

J Zhou, KH Kim, W Lu

107 2014


The H-factor evaluation system was originally proposed by Jorge Hirsch, a California physicist, to evaluate the influence of a scholar. That is to say, a person has cited at least n papers in all his published academic papers, and his h-index is n. Similarly, google scholar uses it for journal evaluation and sets a five-year time limit to avoid the problem that the H factor only increases and does not decrease. Another related concept is H5 median, which refers to the number of citations of H-CORE median papers. It is also different from the concept of average when calculating impact factors.

Compared with the two-year impact factors, it is more difficult for people to deliberately manipulate the journal metrology indicators based on H5. The H5 factor does not increase significantly because of the number of papers cited. As mentioned earlier, deliberately reducing the number of posts will not only have no effect on the promotion of H5 factors, but also have a negative impact. Here h5 is for articles published in 2014-2018


Definition: Microelectronics and Electronic Packaging: the study and manufacture of microelectronics, multi-chips module technologies, electronic packaging, semiconductor materials, surface mount and other related technologies, interconnections, RF and microwaves, wireless communications, manufacturing, design, test, and reliability based on semiconductor material such as silicon wafer, SiC wafer, and GaN wafer. The complete process chain are semiconductor substrate, semiconductor epitaxy, semiconductor device or module and electronic packaging.


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