Uncooled Infrared Detector

Uncooled Infrared Detector

The uncooled infrared (IR) focal plane detector is one detector that can work at room temperature without a refrigeration device, and has many advantages such as fast startup, low power consumption, small size, light weight, long life, and low cost. And the technology of microbolometers has overcome other types such as thermopile / thermocouple, ferroelectric, etc., making it the mainstream technology direction of uncooled infrared detectors, and almost occupies the entire market share in this field. The sensor material of uncooled infrared detector array provided by PAM-XIAMEN is VOx. More details please see table below:

Uncooled Infrared Detector

1. Specification of Uncooled Infrared Detector

Main Parameters of Uncooled Detector
Resolution 640 x 512
Pixel Size 17 um
Sensor Materials VOx
Response Band 8 um-14 um
NETD@1/f, 300k, 50HZ ≤40 mk
Frame Rate 60Hz
Output Signal Dual channel analog output signal
Thermal Response Time ≤12ms
Blindness Rate <0.1%
Typical Power Consumption 300 mW
Operating Temperature -40℃-+60℃
Storage Temperature -55℃-+70℃


2. About Uncooled IR Detector

There are two types of infrared detectors: cooled infrared detector and uncooled detector. An uncooled infrared detector refers to an imaging sensor that works near room temperature and can convert the incident infrared radiation of a target into an electrical video signal. According to different working principles, uncooled IR detection can be divided into pyroelectric, thermopile, thermal diode and microbolometer types. Among them, the microbolometer is a thermistor type sensor. After the infrared radiation irradiates the uncooled infrared sensor, the temperature of the sensor will increase, and the resistance value of the thermal film changes. Microbolometer detectors are the mainstream uncooled infrared focal plane detectors with the most mature technology and the highest market share.

Schematic Diagram of the Pixel Structure of the Microbolometer

The main materials of thermal elements of uncooled detector are mainly vanadium oxide (VOx) and amorphous silicon (α-Si). And VOx material has high TCR (about 2%/K~3%/K at room temperature), and its preparation technology has been very mature after years of development, and has been widely used in uncooled microbolometer camera.


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