CZT Photon Counting Linear Array Detector

CZT Photon Counting Linear Array Detector

PAM-PL01 series detectors are linear pixel electrode structured detector based on CZT crystal, they can counting X-ray and imaging.

CZT Photon Counting Linear Array Detector

1. Specification of CZT Photon Counting Linear Array Detector

Size 16 pixels 32 pixels
Detector crystal CdZnTe
Crystal Density 5.8g/cm3
Volume resistivity >1010Ω.cm
Dimension 16.6×4.4mm2 12.9×4mm2
Thickness 2.0mm
Pixel array 16×1 32×1
Pixel size 0.9×2.0mm2 0.3×0.3mm2
Electrode material Au
Standard working voltage 450V
Max. working voltage 600V
Single pixel leakage current <0.1nA <0.01nA
Max. counting rate >0.7Mcps/mm2 >8.0Mcps/mm2
Operation temperature 15℃~35℃
Storage temperture 10℃~40℃
Storage humidity 20%-80%


2. CZT Linear Pixel Electrode Structured Detector Spectrum

3. CZT Photon Counting Detector Features

Long-time stability
High counting sensitivity
Room temperature working
High dose linearity
Low relaxation time

4. CZT Photon Counting Linear Array Detector based Applications

Defect detection
Public Security
Food safety detecting

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