What are Silicon Wafer Flats?

What are Silicon Wafer Flats?

What are Silicon Wafer Flats?

PAM XIAMEN offers Silicon Wafer Flats

Since Silicon Wafers look basically the same! Flats are cut into the edge of the wafers so users could determine the wafer’s dopant-type and orientation.





Below is an example of silicon wafers flat specs:

Spec. 2” 3” 100mm 125mm 150mm 200mm 300mm
Diameter 2.000+/-.015” 3.000+/-.025” 100+/-.5mm 125+/-.5mm 150+/-.2mm 200+/-.2mm 300+/-.2mm
50.8+/-.38mm 76.2+/-.63mm
Thicknes s 0.011+/-.001” 0.015+/-.001” 525+/-20 um or 625+/-20um 675+/-20um or 725+/-20um 775+/-20um
279+/-25um 381+/-25um 625+/-20um 625+/-15um
Primary Flat Length 0.625+/-.065” 0.875+/-.125” 32.5+/-2.5mm 42.5+/-2.5 57.5+/-2.5mm Notch Notch
15.88+/-1.65mm 22.22+/-3.17mm
Secondar y 0.315+/-.065” 0.44+/-.06” 18.0+/-2.0mm 27.5+/-2.5 37.5+/-2.5mm
Flat Length 8+/-1.65mm 11.18+/-1.52mm
Primary Flat Location {110}+/-1 deg. {110}+/-1 deg. {110}+/-1 deg. {110}+/-1 deg. {110}+/-1 deg. {110}+/-1 deg. {110}+/-1 deg.

But flats are not a universal standard. You can order any silicon ingot and have the plant cut any type of flat out of the wafer. So P/Boron (100) Silicon Wafers may have just one flat.

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